Omega Altise Gas Heater Repairs

Repairs and services on your Omega Altise heater should only be carried out by a qualified Omega Altise heater repairer to ensure the repairs are up to standard and that any ongoing warranties are not voided.

Generally for repairs there is a 10 – 14 day turn around.  All parts used are genuine Omega Altise parts and come with a 1 year warranty.

At Gas Heater Specialist, we specialize in Omega Altise gas heaters and our Omega Altise heater repairers are extensively trained and qualified to provide you with a comprehensive heating service so you can be assured your gas heater is functioning correctly and efficiently.

Some issues that indicate that your Omega Altise gas heater may require repairs

Omega Altise heater will not ignite: If your heater has been disconnected for some time, there could potentially be air within the hose and could take longer to ignite when you first turn it on.  If your heater will not ignite even after several attempts it could be due to a faulty thermocouple or tilt switch. On most occasions our Omega Altise heater technician will be able to resolve this issue during the service of your heater but may require repairs/replacement of parts.

No spark on Omega Altise heater: this could be due a faulty igniter which may require repairs or replacement of injectors. A service may resolve this issue but may require repairs/replacement of parts.

Omega Altise heater not staying lit: there could be issues relating to the gas regulator or the thermocouple. A service may resolve this issue but may require repairs/replacement of parts.

Pilot light keeps going out: your Omega Altise heater pilot light relies on a good supply of gas to remain lit. There could be issues with the gas valve that supplies the gas. It is also possible that there is a thermocouple malfunction.  Our gas heater repairer will be able to assess the issue and advise of and repairs/replacement requirements.

Our Omega Altise heater technician will provide you with a quote on parts and labour that is required on your Omega Altise heater.  If you choose to proceed with the repair, they will bring your heater back to our workshop for the work to be completed by one of our Omega Altise heater repairers. Once the repair work has been completed, your Omega Altise heater technician will bring your heater back to your residence and reconnect it.  All work completed by our Omega Altise heater repairer will come with a 6 month warranty on labour and 1 year warranty on parts.