Omega Altise
Gas Heater Service Sydney

There are indicators which can be observed to say that you need Gas Heater Servicing. We are listing below some of them:

  • Your heater will not ignite
  • Pilot light will not stay on or is yellow
  • Your heater turns off by itself
  • There are long flames above the burner
  • Change in the colour of the walls or heater panels
  • There is a smell of gas
  • Burners are dull

Getting your gas heater serviced by one of our licensed gas fitters means you can be confident that your heating system is in prime condition for the colder winter days and nights. It ensures that any possible complications are identified and attended too before things turn to worse.

At Gas Heater Specialist, we specialize in Omega Altise gas heaters for Sydney and our gas fitters are extensively trained and qualified to provide you with a comprehensive heating service so you can be assured your gas heater is functioning correctly and efficiently.

We are a family owned and operated mobile Sydney gas heater service and our Omega Altise gas heater technicians will come to your home or business to service your gas heater.

Only a qualified gas heater technician should service your Omega Altise.

What to expect when servicing your gas heater

Your Omega Altise heater technician will discuss any concerns and/or issues you may have with your gas heater. An overall inspection and assessment is undertaken prior to removing it from inside your home to be service outside of your residence (for portable heaters). Your Omega Altise technician will dismantle the outer casing of your heater and clean the debris and dust buildup inside your burner chambers, filters and throughout your heater.

Your technician will complete a thorough inspection and test the operation of your heater wiring harness, gas pressure, fan, solenoid valves, injectors, fuses, burner chambers and PCB board. On completion, your technician will re-assemble your heater and connect it back inside your home. A safety check is then undertaken of your connection point and hose and finally your Omega Altise technician will check for gas leaks and carbon monoxide emissions.

To ensure your Omega Altise gas heater is performing efficiently, we recommend a yearly maintenance check. Servicing your gas heater annually can uncover any malfunction or wear of your Omega Altise gas heater before serious issues develop. Carrying out repairs as soon as an issue is noticed is crucial as leaking or faulty gas heaters can pose serious health and safety risks.

We recommended you get your Omega Altise gas heater serviced when…

  • The pilot light goes out unexpectedly, or you hear a ‘pop’ or ‘bang’ when it is being lit.
  • There is a bad or foul, chemical like odor (smell of gas)
  • There are signs of heat damage, such as heat discolouration of the walls or the heater panels. Or the walls are too hot to touch with the heater on.
  • Your pilot flame is frequently turning off.
  • There is irregular sound coming from the fan.
  • There are soot stains around your heater.
  • Your eyes get irritated when your heater is on.
  • Annually on your service due date

Servicing your heater ensures the Safety of your family and home. Our Sydney mobile gas heater service will ensure that your heater will be safe to operate efficiently for many more years to come. Our licensed gas fitters are experienced professionals who are able to identify and resolve issues as well as provide you with knowledge and advice on how to maintain your heater.

Bookings are required so call us today on 1300 35 10 10 for your booking to be arranged by one of our friendly staff members or schedule your service using our online booking system.

Gas heater does not stay lit

Gas heaters have a component known as a thermocouple which is located near the pilot light. The gas heater thermocouple acts as a safety mechanism and will shut off the flow of gas if your heaters pilot light goes off. This could be due to thermocouple wear and tear, which could require your thermocouple to be replaced. There could also be a buildup of debris or blockages which could also be the cause. During your gas heater service our gas heater technician will clear and remove any blockages and will advise your if your thermocouple is faulty and requires replacement.


Gas heater pilot light wont stay lit

Flickering and faint pilot lights may be due to gas pressure and insufficient levels of gas flow. Another cause could be that the tip of the pilot has become corroded and as a result will block the flow of gas through the supply line. During your gas heater maintenance the heater technician will check and rectify any gas pressure related issue.


Pilot light flame is yellow

Gas heaters have a pilot light which is usually located at the front and normally has a bluish colour flame.

If the pilot light flame is yellow, this could would indication that there is a combustion issue and could indicate that there could be carbon monoxide being emitted. Carbon monoxide is poisonous and can be fatal so it is essential that you immediately switch off your heater and have your gas heater repaired.


Gas smell coming from heater

This is extremely serious and you should shut off your heater right away. Turn off the gas supply, and avoid using anything that may spark a fire. Call us ASAP to get this problem resolved.


Rotten egg like smell coming from gas heater

This indicates a serious issue. Your gas heater fan motor or the circuit board may be fried causing you gas heater to overheat. Normally your gas heater will be able to detect the overheating and will shut down on its own, however, if your heater’s sensors fail, your heater may not switch off which would lead to your heater becoming a potential fire hazard. Switch off your heater immediately and call for a gas heater technician.


Smokey or burn like smell coming from your gas heater

If you gas heater has not been used for a while you could initially get this smell as it is usually due to the built up dust on burners burning and should go away.


Gas heater has a burning rubbery smell

This is usually an indicator that there are worn out parts in your gas heater. Call for a gas heater service to resolve this issue as letting the issue continue could end up being costly.


Gas Heater Filter Cleaning (DIY)

To ensure good operation of your heater regular gas heater maintenance is essential. Generally all gas heaters with a fan will have filters that require regular cleaning. Cleaning your gas heater filter can be done by removing the external filters and washing them with soapy water. If your filter becomes blocked, the gas heater filter indication will be displayed or the gas heater filter light will flash on and off.


Gas heater is leaking gas

One of the most notable signs if your heater is leaking gas is if you smell it coming from your heaters air vents. If you notice the smell of gas, shut off and disconnect your heater and open all the windows and doors in your home and call us on 1300 35 10 10 for a gas heater service near you.


Gas Heater Burners

During your gas heater maintenance, our gas heater technician will check for blockages in your burners. The burners will be cleaned and checked to ensure proper operation. Burners blocked with dirt can result in improper combustion, leading to soot build up inside your heater.


Gas Heater Hoses and Bayonet Point

Our gas heater technician will inspect your gas heater hose and bayonet point and will conduct a gas leak test and will be examined for damages and blockages. Faulty bayonet points or gas heater hoses should always be replaced. Gas heater hoses can be replaced with either a 1.5m or 3m gas heater hose.


Gas Regulator Lifespan

Gas regulators have a limited life span and will be inspected to ensure it is operating as expected and will advise you if a replacement is required. Your gas heater technician will be able to replace the regulator if it is faulty.

Our qualified gas fitters are fully proficient and experienced in the servicing and repair of Omega Altise gas heaters. The below are some of the Omega Altise heaters we service and repair:

Rinnai Avenger

Rinnai Dynamo

Rinnai Enduro

Rinnai Cosyglow

Rinnai Econoheat

Rinnai Granada

Rinnai Titan

Rinnai Graduate

Rinnai Galaxie

If you don’t see your Omega Altise gas heater model on this list, don’t worry! We have a long list of additional Omega Altise gas heaters we service. Give us a call on 1300 35 10 10 to chat with one of our friendly staff members who will be able to help you out.

Why you should service your Omega Altise gas heater

Harmful gases such as carbon monoxide can be released from unflued gas heaters. When breathed in, carbon monoxide displaces oxygen in the bloodstream and deprives the heart, brain and vital organs of oxygen.

To prevent any exposure to harmful gasses, it is important to ensure:

  • your heater and gas supply are certified, properly installed and regularly serviced
  • the room where your Omega Altise heater is situated is well ventilated
  • your Omega Altise gas heater is turned off when you leave home or work
  • children are supervised around heaters

Using your Omega Altise gas heater safely

  • Make an appointment for your gas heater service every two years at a minimum. While all heaters will require a regular service, the older the model the more attention it will need.
  • Ensure your room is well ventilated.
  • Clean your Omega Altise heater filters regularly when turned off to reduce build up of dust.
  • Don’t leave your heater running when you are not at home or when you go to bed.
  • Be mindful not to keep aerosols or pressure pack cans near your heater