Instant Hot Water Heater Service

Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Gas Heater Specialist offers a full range of water heater services. Our plumbers have been serving homes and business owners and complete maintenance services including flush and fill diagnostics and more.

Proper routine maintenance will keep your hot water heater in good working conditions. In order to continue enjoying the efficiency and performance of an instantaneous tankless water heater, it is extremely important that you schedule annual maintenance service. Our trained plumbers offer inspections, valve checks, performance evaluation, internal cleaning, and much more.

Lighting and Flame Failures

Flame failure messages and system overflows can occur for many reasons. System overflows often happen because the system is being asked to deliver more hot water than it is capable to produce.

Flame failures often occur because of electrical issues or gas issues because of soot buildup on the burner or debris. In both cases, these problems should be addressed immediately as they can damage the unit.

Looking for help with maintaining your tankless water heater? Contact the Gas Heater Specialist on 1300 35 10 10. The team at our company would be happy to discuss your service needs with you today!



Instantaneous hot water heaters offer Sydney homeowners a whole lot of advantages, but that doesn’t mean they don’t encounter a problem from time to time. Is your instant hot water heater failing to supply enough hot water, not getting up to your desired temperature, or making a loud, obnoxious noise? Our repair experts are equipped and ready to assist, offering effective repair solutions at a price you can be happy with!

When to Replace Your Water Heater

Not sure if it’s time to seek a new water heater installation? We understand! It can represent a big investment, and if repair or maintenance can get the job done satisfactorily, we’re happy to oblige. Generally speaking, our plumbers recommend new water heater replacement when:


  • Your water heater is 10 years old or older
  • You need frequent water heater repair
  • Your water heater is highly inefficient or costing too much to operate
  • The tank of your water heater has begun to corrode due to age or excessive sediment
  • When a new water heater can offer you better performance and reliability