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Does your Rinnai gas heater need to be repaired?


Generally your Rinnai gas heater repair is done when our technician comes to your home.  In the event that your Rinnai heater cannot be repaired at your home, then the technician will bring your heater back to our workshop. Once your Rinnai heater has been repaired, we will arrange a day to return your heater. All parts used are genuine Rinnai parts and come with a 1 year warranty.

Non-radiant Rinnai gas heaters (Avenger, Dynamo & Enduro) are fitted with self diagnostics electronics so that when a fault occurs, it will shut down and will display an error code on the LCD digital display.

Any service or repair work should only be carried out by a qualified heater technician to ensure the repairs are up to standard and that any ongoing warranties are not voided.

At Gas Heater Specialist, we specialize in Rinnai gas heaters and our gas fitters are extensively trained and qualified to provide you with a comprehensive heating service so you can be assured your gas heater is functioning correctly and efficiently.

Repairing your Rinnai gas heater and keeping your family safe.

Gas Heater Safety Facts

Gas Heater Repair: Warning Signs to look out for

Not every Rinnai gas heater fault displays an error code. Sometimes, all you’d get are just hints that something is wrong with your heater. Below are some of those telltale signs.

● The pilot light goes out unexpectedly, or you hear a ‘pop’ or ‘bang’ when it is being lit.

● Your heater gives off a foul, chemical-like odor.

● There are signs of heat damage, e.g., heat discoloration of the walls or the heater panels.

● The walls get too hot to touch when the heater is on.

● The heater’s pilot flame frequently turns off.

● There is an irregular sound coming from the heater’s fan.

● There are soot stains around your heater.

● Your eyes get irritated when your heater is on.

Common Rinnai Gas Heater Error Codes


Rinnai Error Code 11

If your heater is flashing error code 11, this indicates that there could be ignition or a flame related failure i.e. your heater is trying to ignite but is not sensing a flame. Firstly check that your gas supply is open/on and that your hose is fully plugged into your bayonet point and then try to ignite your heater again. If your heater is still not igniting and there is no spark, then there could potentially be a fault with the ignitor or there could be a blockage.

In most cases, the servicing of your heater by one of our heater technicians will resolve the issue but there may be faults with some main components such as your heaters’ ignition box, injectors, thermocouple or solenoid valve in which case would require repairs and/or replacement of part(s).  All parts are genuine Rinnai parts and come with a 1 year warranty.


Rinnai Error Code 12

When your gas heater is flashing the error code 12 then this is an indication that your heater has a combustion related issue. Combustion problems could be due to a number of reasons such as blockages, lack of air flow, incorrect gas pressure which could in turn be affecting the amount of oxygen drawn into the burner chamber with the gas. Improper combustion may cause your heater to emit high levels of toxic air pollutants such as carbon monoxide.

Resolution of error code 12 requires a trained heater technician to complete a comprehensive service on your heater. 

Rinnai Error Code 13

Error Code 13 is a Combustion Control fault which means that there is not enough, or too much gas for safe combustion which could be due to a faulty ignition box, faulty solenoid valve(s) or a faulty gas regulator. Incorrect gas pressure affects the level of oxygen drawn into the heaters burner chamber may cause your heater to emit high levels of toxic air pollutants such as carbon monoxide.

Repairs and/or replacement of part(s) on your gas heater are required to fix this issue. All parts used by us are genuine Rinnai parts and come with a 1 year warranty.



Repairing your Rinnai Gas Heater


Here’s how it works:

  • You can call 1300 35 10 10 or book online for a service
  • Our team will come to your home or business
  • We will:
    1. Repair your gas heater at your home or if required, at our workshop
    2. Complete your yearly gas heater service/maintenance
    3. Convert your heater to NG or LPG
  • Re-install and test your heater
  • Complete a full gas leak and Carbon Dioxide & Nitrogen Oxide testing